Troubadour Tuesday, Lords and Ladies!!

Days had passed, and Graylen could feel that they were drawing closer to Chadwick. They came across more and more wounded. The stench of pain and suffering grew thicker as they continued on.

Far away from the traveling party, deep in the North Mountain low rumbles shook the icy terrain. Billows of smoke and steam rose into the air, mingling in the grey sky. Snowflakes fell, obscuring sight from any who might be looking. A single creature moved through the never ending storm. It quickly entered a large cavern that was almost completely shrouded by drifted snow. Dim light hit the creature revealing shaggy white fur and delicate features. Bright blue eyes glanced around, searching.
A hissing sound suddenly filled the cavern, and a deep voice sounded, “Zakeelah. What brings you here?” The sound of scales scraping along stone and heavy footsteps grew closer, but the yeti woman’s vision was obstructed by towers of books and scrolls. Suddenly she saw the gleam of pearly fangs and silver eyes.
“Schneebedeckt, there is trouble down the mountain. It grows closer. Creatures are being tortured without the reward of death. We fear.” Zakeelah said, her voice trembling.
Schneebedeckt moved into the light, iridescent blue scales glimmered as he came foreward, “Go home little Yeti.” he said, then his lips pulled into a snarl, “They shall not come to my mountain!” he hissed.
He moved out of the cavern and roared into the storm stopping it with his power. Sunset burned over the mountain turning the stone vivid blues and purples. The mighty dragon spread his wings and took flight.