Welcome to Troubadour Tuesday!! Recap: Sir Graylen, Queen Arashiel and Watsley continue on the quest to confront Schneebedeckt…
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As they rode, Sir Graylen observed the forest. He marveled at rich green foliage, at how glimmers of golden sunlight broke through the dense canopy, alighting the air. It felt like an enchantment. The world around him, alive with magic. The very earth seemed to be singing. It was music that was heard with the soul. Occasionally, he caught glimpses of silver glimmers flitting among the trees. Watsley wriggled, “I’s hungry.” he sniffled, pulling the knight out of his reverie. Sir Graylen knew that it would soon be night fall. They must find a clearing in which to camp and let their mounts rest at the stream they’d been riding beside. The mountains were still far to the north and would most likely take them 4 days more to reach at their current pace. Suddenly, Watsley popped his head around to look at Graylen, “I’s smell food, and hear singing. We eat’s?” he asked. 
Sir Graylen nodded, “Majesty, Watsley smells food, there is most likely a clearing ahead where we should make camp for the night.” 
Arashiel glanced back at Sir Graylen and Watsley, “Very well.” She continued forward, and they soon entered a clearing. Graylen frowned at the sight that greeted them. Two centaurs knelt by a cooking fire that was lit below a cauldron. One had short cropped dark brown hair and wore no coat, even though a chill had begun to invade the night air. His stature was amazing, his size rivaled that of any war horse. The second one was slightly shorter and wore a mousey brown fur coat with no sleeves, and his bald head was fitted with a green moss cap. Sir Graylen had never seen anything like it. It fit snug and had a protruding brim that apparently protected the centaur’s face from above. 
The two centaurs, upon hearing the trio’s approach, stood to address them and quickly bowed at the sight of their queen. “Rise centaurs. It would please me if you would let us eat with you. The satyr annoys me with its cries of hunger.” she said. Graylen noticed that she didn’t sound annoyed, only aloof. 
The shorter one bowed his head, “I am Casington, and this is my brother Chadwick. We would be honored to share our bounty with you and your party.” 
Chadwick nodded, “Yes, though I can’t guarantee the taste, as Casington cooked it.” 
Graylen smiled, “I am Sir Graylen and this is Watsley. I think he would eat a tin can, if that was all you had.” he joked as he placed a hand on the little satyr’s head. 
“I should hope that my cooking tastes better than a tin can.” Casington sniffed, looking down his nose at them. 
Chadwick just rolled his eyes, “He’s joking, he just isn’t funny.” 
“Yes, I am!” came the reply, and the two brothers bickered, hurling good natured insults at each other. Meanwhile, Watsley wriggled down to the ground, scampered to the cauldron and helped himself to the cooked stew made from dried vegetables and wild hare.
Sir Graylen chuckled, “Watsley, mind your manners! Let’s take care of our mounts, first.” Queen Arashiel gracefully dismounted and handed the reins to Sir Graylen. He and Watsley unsaddled the animals and let them loose to drink from the stream. They returned to the fire and found the centaurs preparing a table for their unexpected guests. The knight offered the queen some food, but she just stared imperiously at him, in refusal. She pulled out a pouch filled with unusual ice blue berries that she ate from instead. Chadwick asked Graylen about their odd group. Graylen answered, “We are companions on a quest, though we know little about each other. I am a knight who has fought many battles and likely will fight many more. I was born second son of a minor noble, and I was returning to my village of Hallensbourgh after a long campaign. I was almost home when I learned of a curse that had befallen us. I didn’t believe the warning until I saw the curse overtake the messenger. I have joined Queen Arashiel on a quest to rescue my family and our people from whatever Schneebedeckt has planned.” he said. 
“Well, then, you will need your rest. Schneebedeckt is powerful and has many followers. It will not be an easy journey.” Casington said. 
Arashiel looked at the centaurs, “Indeed, and you two shall join us, as centaurs are master archers.” she said in a tone that brooked no argument. The centaurs bowed to their queen.