The saga continues…

The druids surrounded Casington, and Graylen pulled Watsley out of the way so the druids could form a circle.

Watsley watched transfixed as each Druid clapped their hands together, and when they pulled them apart, their element swirled between their palms. They slowly pulled their hands apart until they touched the hands of the druids next to them, completing the circle. A wall of brilliant white light surrounded them so that those outside the circle couldn’t see what was happening inside.

Graylen’s grip loosened on Watsley, and suddenly the little satyr was out of his grasp and running towards the light.

“Stop him. The light will burn away all but the truly pure.” The Queen commanded Graylen.

The knight dove for Watsley. He’d grown quite fond of the satyr and didn’t want him to die, but Watsley dodged and ran through the light. Graylen stared at it in shock.

“Hmm… We shall have to wait until they are finished healing the centaur to see if the satyr survived.” Arashiel said uncaringly. Graylen clenched his teeth and stared at the wall.


Watsley looked around, the inside of the circle was extremely bright, the air seemed to shimmer. He stared in awe before turning his gaze to where the druids knelt around his friend.

“Come closer little satyr.” Willow said, not looking up from Casington’s prone form.

Watsley could feel power thrumming from Willow as he approached. He could feel the pull as it left her and entered Casington. “What is your energy doing to my friend?” He asked.

“You can sense the energy?” Tempest intoned together. Watsley nodded, was it so strange?

Willow hummed in amusement, “My ability is to use the stabilizing magic of the earth to ground the injured beings vitals, and to strengthen the others’ magic when we heal. Remember this little satyr, Earth is the backbone of healing magic. As a satyr you are a creature of the Earth. This magic will come easiest to you. Tell me what you feel when Blaze adds his magic. She said.

Watsley moves forward and sat next to Willow.

Blaze’s gold eyes locked on Watsley and seemed to glow and flicker as he extended his right hand over Casington. “Fire.” He said, his deep voice washing over the group. He barely spoke above a whisper, but every word was sharp. “Fire is one of the most dangerous natural Magics. If you do not control it, it will burn you alive. Watsley swallowed hard, his eyes wide. The heat of the day seemed to increase. Sparks danced across his skin and over Casington. Watsley felt it the second Blaze’s fire hit Willow’s earth. It felt like he was in the middle of an inferno.

“Oh! It feels like a fire storm is swirling all around me and entering Casey!” He told willow. She smiled.

“Fire cleanses and purifies. That fire storm you feel is burning through your friend’s veins, destroying the poison from the dragon’s ice.” Blaze explained.

Watsley watched as Casington’s veins turned red as the fire magic rushed through them. It looked like a giant spider’s web.

“Fire is closer related to earth than the other two elements. Similarly, air and water are closer related.” Whisp piped up. She smiled at him, “ My power is to heal the mind, air magic can be physical or it can be all manner of things with the mind. Your clairvoyance, for instance, is air magic.”

Watsley looked at the translucent girl, “Does Casey need much mind healing?” He asked.

Whisp giggles, “Surprisingly no. He has a strong will to live and is happy.” She sang out.

Watsley’s eyes were pulled from her as Blaze’s fire died.

“Our turn.” Tempest spoke. They clasped hands and reaches over Casington. “We are water. Ours is the magic of physical healing. If Blaze had not destroyed the poison before we healed the centaur, he would have died suddenly later on, no warning.” They said.





“Always in this order to heal.” All five intoned together. With that rain started pouring, each droplet that hit Casington absorbed into him and his wounds slowly started to disappear.

To Watsley it felt like waves were washing over him, some gentle, some rough.

Suddenly all the magic pulled away from the centaur. Watsley felt awed, “Will you teach me to heal?”

Willow smiled, “Of course. You were able to enter the circle.” She said.

Casington opened his eyes.

Written by Natasha Hecker