ND Renaissance Festival Tickets

Tickets for the 2019 ND Renaissance Festival are no longer on sale.

The North Dakota Renaissance Festival has closed its gates for the 2019 season. I regret any inconvience this may cause our entertainers, vendors, the City of Regent, Hettinger County, and most importantly our customers.

NDRF strives to put on a premier event and I realize we came up short in many aspects. The planning stage for the 2020 season has already begun with the intent of bringing a more complete and enjoyable festival. Shopping, games, and general ambiance were recognized as major issues and they will be vigorously addressed for next year. I am determined to host an event that will do the great state of North Dakota proud.

Any advance gate and renfeast tickets purchased for weeks 3 – 8 will be fully refunded. Please notify the NDRF website of your purchase dates, name and address so we may verify your claim. After your claim is matched with our records a full and complete refund will be mailed to you.

I hope to see you for the improved 2020 season.

Best regards,
Randy Jones

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